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About the Travis Family

Travis Family Farm

David & Lillian

Married since 1988, David and Lillian have achieved their newlywed dream of owning a sustainable farm to raise their children on. Since 1994 when they first bought their home on a few acres, they have raised their seven biological children, fostered many, and permanently added on through adoption. Now, their dream is to watch their children chase their dreams and their grandchildren grow up on their own farms.

Travis Family Farm


Mical, the oldest, was by his dad's side learning how to do everything - from riding a tractor to building barns. Now a graduate of New England Institute of Technology with a Marine Technology degree, he still helps out on the farm.  Mical is the owner of M. Travis Construction.

Travis Family Farm


Like every other little girl, Jaklyn wanted a pony, so at the age of 8 her dad got her a Shetland Pony named Lady. From that day on, she wanted to be out on the farm every chance that she could. She joined a local 4-H group and learned everything there was to know about animals. Jaklyn is now married to Derek Randall and continues to oversee the farm and business.

Travis Family Farm


Jekub follows his older brother's footsteps with helping build things around the farm. He always makes sure all the stalls stay clean (which is VERY appreciated) and he is our "delivery guy" making sure our soap goes where it needs to.

Travis Family Farm


Kelub gets the lovely jobs like lugging around hay bales, carrying water buckets to the various pens, and shoveling manure. He is a former FFA and 4-H member. He enjoys his loyal companion, a chocolate lab named Hershey.

Travis Family Farm


Noah has started breeding a heritage breed of pig called the Large Black.  They are a very docile hog that have great mothering abilities and are good at handling both heat and cold.  He also keeps himself busy with making soap decks with his father.

Travis Family Farm


Izek participates in 4-H and enjoys playing with his rabbit.  He is learning to be the IT tech of our business.  Meanwhile, he hand cuts our soap and gets them ready to cure.  


Meysha is the youngest of eight siblings and is following in her older sisters’ footsteps. Her daily chores include milking goats and care for her cow, Clarabelle. Her dream is to buy a dump truck and sell Clarabelle’s manure, calling her business “Meysha’s Manure” – of course she’ll need a license first! She’s best known for her brilliant red hair, vibrant personality, and also her growing YouTube channel.    

Travis Family Farm


Rachyl known as the soap girl is the young entrepreneur of Rachyl's Goat Milk Soap.  Rachyl does not only excel in her academics daily but also cares for all the animals on the farm.  She has a keen interest for goats.  She breeds Nubians, delivers their babies and milks them twice a day.  She is pursuing a business degree.