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Love Like Crazy

8/9/2017 7:25 AM




That's not how old our parents were when they got married. That's how many years they have been married!
On August 5, 1989 our dad, David, was 22 and our mom, Lillian, was 20 when they were married. Their beautiful ceremony was held in the Luso American Church located in Fall River, MA and was followed by a reception at the now closed West Valley Inn, RI. Their reception had 650 guests - talk about a celebration!
wedding picture
Our mom calls it the "wedding I had dreamed of my whole life". Smiling, she remembers the pastor who officiated the ceremony was from Brazil and didn't speak English. He had ministered to both my parents since they were little. Our grandfather walked our mom down the long aisle of the old, beautiful church and the reception lasted until midnight!
Their first night was spent in their apartment and then they left for their honeymoon. First stop: Cooperstown, NY followed by Lake George and then the rest of their time was spent at Kangamangus Inn, NH. 
dave and lily on a date
We asked our mom what advice she would share with soon to be or newly married couples and she said "I believe it starts before saying "I do". Make a list of what you want in a person. Faith and family was important to me. I love God so he had to, also. And I wanted a lot of children and he had to be my best friend. God is so important in a successful marriage. There are a lot of happy times and those are easy times but for those hard times, God was such an important part. Reading the Word and getting guidance from the Bible helped us through the hard times. The quote "a successful marriage takes falling in love many times, with the same person" is so true." She finished with, "go on dates. Go parking. [Ew, mom!] Seek similar interests. Encourage one and other. Laugh at each other and cry with each other." Looking for more advice? She says to listen to Love Like Crazy by Lee Brice. 
Speaking of crazy, in honor of our amazing parents, we are offering a second chance sale! If you missed the first on their actual anniversary, then you're in luck! Today only you can take 28% off your entire purchase (before taxes and shipping).
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She said YES!

7/26/2017 9:56 AM

engagment partyThis past weekend our family celebrated the addition of a new sister! This time it wasn't through fostering or adoption; our oldest brother, Mical, proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Crystal. Planning their engagement party was so fun! We are so excited to officially welcome Crystal to the family!
 Mical and Crystal
If we had to describe Mical as one of our soaps, it would be Way Out Here (sweet fragrance that is subtle but sexy) while Crystal would be Heart & Hive (classic, gentle and sweet as honey). Mical and Crystal share Xena, their pit bull (who of course loves our Doggie Bar!). We look forward to the addition of more babies - sure to be decked out in their Batman finest. doggie bar
With an upcoming wedding to plan over the next year, you can be sure our social media will be full of fun DIY projects. Not following us yet? Hurry, you don't want to miss out!
Planning a special event of your own? We offer soaps for every occasion! When Jaky got married, she gave out personalized turquoise swirl soaps as bridal shower favors. Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Send us an email - we are happy to make your vision a reality!
Join us in congratulating Mical and Crystal! With every soap purchase made through the end of this week, 5% of net proceeds will be given to them as an engagement gift!
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Why We Are Saying "Bug Off"

7/12/2017 7:13 AM

No, we aren’t telling you to get out of here!

If you have ever lived or visited New England in the summer, you know all about ticks and mosquitos. Working on a farm we encounter these pesky pests at an even higher rate! While there are many commercial chemical options such as store-bought personal sprays or services which will spray your yard, we prefer to take a more natural route. On top of being annoying, mosquitoes and ticks can carry deadly diseases. Many people are allergic to them as well and can experience pain and irritation for a longer duration of time. It is very important to protect yourself (and your pets)!

We are excited to announce two great products to help you prevent and treat bites:

First, our original, organic Healing Balm. This magical little product can be found here and has numerous uses. One of our favorite uses, especially during this time of year, is it’s soothing and healing properties whether you are covered in mosquito bites or just a nibble here and there. Apply a small amount directly to the bug bite and gently massage it in to alleviate the itch.

But we didn’t stop there! We have developed an all-natural alternative to bug spray: our very own Bug Off! For a limited time, you can purchase this 4 oz spray for just $5 here! Containing simple, pure ingredients and a unique blend of essential oils (citronella, peppermint, and tea tree) this spray will keep the bugs at bay and please your sense of smell. No more sticky residue or chemical odors lingering in the air. Watch the bugs literally stop in their tracks!

Buy now and join us in making Natural the New Normal!

 meysha and goat

IMPORTANT: Our products are handcrafted with the finest natural and/or organic ingredients. Test a small sample of the product and discontinue use immediately if any adverse reaction, such as irritation, occurs. Be sure to read the ingredients carefully, especially if you are aware of any allergies which you may have. Additionally, check with your doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have a medical condition such as high blood pressure or epilepsy as certain essential oils should be avoided.

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Our American Dream

6/27/2017 8:04 PM

The “American Dream” means something different to everyone.flag

 For our family, it started when our mom, Lillian, became a citizen! Originally from Canada, she came to America with her family and after several years, was officially an American citizen – something she is still excited about to this day!dave and lily

With that start came her drive to work hard and eventually have a family. She met our dad, David, and it was love at first sight. They became inseparable (even though she was young and had a curfew) and were married before she could even drink! They shared the same dream: to raise their four children on a sustainable family farm. They never thought they would share eight children, countless foster children, and be watching their grandchild grow up on the same family farm! Their American Dream came true for them!barn

Daughters, Jaky, Rachyl, and Meysha are now living out their American Dreams as well through Rachyl’s Goat Milk Soap built on the foundation their parents set for them. Working hard together, they are making positive differences in the lives of many new and loyal customers through the trusted, high quality, handcrafted products loving produced from fresh goat milk hand milked daily.three girls

To celebrate this special day, we are offering 10% off all products now through July 4th, arguably the most American holiday of the year! Shop for yourself or someone special, but hurry because just like a good dream, this offer won’t last long!soap and flag

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BOGO Sale for Father's Day

6/14/2017 8:33 PM

27th fathers dayThis is our dad’s 27th Father’s Day since our oldest brother, Mical, was born! Since then, he’s had six other biological children, countless foster children, and one foster-turned-adopted child to celebrate this special day with. 
Our dad, David, married our mom, Lillian, in 1988. They shared a newlywed dream of owning a sustainable farm where they could raise their kids (originally they planned on “only” having four!). In 1994, they bought their first home which is where Travis Family Farm is located today! Their newlywed dream has come true and they are excited to now watch their grandchildren grow up on the farm, starting with Jaky’s daughter, Daisy.grandpa
Father’s Day is a special day for all of us. We truly love, respect, and appreciate our dad for everything he did and is doing for us. If anything needs to be fixed on the farm, he is the man to call! On a hot summer day, he can be found taking one or some of the kids out on the boat or fishing if he doesn’t have work. While we were never spoiled, if one of us happened to ask for something, like say, a pony or goat, for their birthday, it would be there.girls with dad
We enjoy making our dad a big breakfast and giving him handmade cards to show him how special he is to us! This year, Jaky will be able to celebrate her husband, Derek’s, first Father’s Day with their daughter, Daisy, here!derek and daisy
To help you show your dad how special he is to you, we are offering a special Father’s Day sale! All of our men’s products listed below are BOGO (Buy One Get One) until Saturday (while supplies last).  They may be purchased online* or at the Farmers’ Markets** where Rachyl participates.
The following products are favorites among the men in our lives – and are sure to be a hit with those in yours! Celebrate your dad – or someone special – today with a gift that they will love and you can be sure is good for them and their skin!
Happy Father’s Day, Dad! We love you!
*free soap will not show in cart and no coupon is needed

**Farmers’ Markets where Rachyl is include:
             Friday mornings at Goddard Park
             Friday nights at Blackbird Farm
             Saturday mornings at Scituate 
Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee shipping for Father’s Day; so if you need them for Sunday, stop by the Farmers’ Markets listed above. 
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Rachyl’s favorite part of Rachyl’s Goat Milk Soap is attending local farmers’ markets! She loves seeing customers returning (she has their orders memorized, remembers their names, and knows what questions to ask about their lives!) and meeting new customers. With a friendly, happy smile she’s ready to answer questions and recommend specific products for specific needs.

 First Farmer Market in Scituate

If you’ve never been, a farmers’ market is a local outdoor market where craftsmen, farmers, and similar small businesses set up tables under popup tents to sell their products, generally on a set weekly day and time. Some farmers’ markets happen year round or are indoors while others are short term on a seasonal basis.


You can find just about anything at a farmers’ market from fresh produce to meat or baked goods, handmade home goods and decorations, sometimes even petting zoos or animal rides. Most farmers’ markets accept cash, while some vendors also accept credit or debit cards, checks, and EBT/SNAP for valid purchases. Other farmers’ markets require that you prepay to receive specific currency, like a token at an amusement park. The best way to be prepared is to call ahead and ask! When in doubt, bring cash. You will also need your own bags (bonus if they are reusable or recycled!).

 Goddard Park Farmer Market

One of the many perks of a farmers’ market is meeting the local vendors who actually create, raise, grow, or otherwise produce the item(s) you are purchasing. You can ask questions and truly know what you are buying and where your money is going. More often than not, vendors are local, family-run, small businesses so you are supporting a good cause! Many vendors also participate in charities, donations, or fundraisers so your contribution goes even further! The local economy thanks you!

 soap box

Don’t see anything you want or like? Another perk is that you can discuss a custom order! Many vendors are open to meeting your specific needs and will take the time to truly understand what you are looking for and how they can help.

 This year, we will be participating in the following Rhode Island farmers’ markets:


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...truly I tell you, whosoever welcomes a child such as this, welcomes ME. ~Jesus~  (Matthew 25:35-36 & 40)

family photo

For those who follow our family, you will know that fostering children in the State’s care is something very important to us. While we can’t share details about the children or their situations, we can share more about the process, why we do it, and what we love about it!


If you are unfamiliar, “fostering” or “foster care” is when you are licensed through DCYF (Department of Children, Youth and Families) to provide short or long term care to children in the State’s care. These children have been removed from their parents or guardians for various reasons and range from newborns to 18 year olds. You can provide “respite” care which is when you watch children for another foster family so they can have a break (example: they may have an out of state commitment and not be able to take the foster children, so you will provide care for them during that time period), emergency care which sometimes is a phone call in the middle of the night for a child with nowhere to go, short term care which is a few days or months, or long term care up until the child ages out of the system at 18 years old.


“Aging out of the system” means that the child is now legally considered an adult and therefore no longer eligible as a foster child. Some families allow these children to continue living with them, while other families decide that the child will need to move out. When a child leaves the family, it can be a very traumatic experience – no matter the reason or duration of time they spent with that family. Many children develop unhealthy but necessary coping mechanisms to deal with the pain and loss they experience throughout their time in the foster care system.

 foster babies

Foster care parents are not perfect and as with any group of people, there are those who do it for the right or wrong reasons, who are good or bad people. We aren’t going to focus on the latter in this blog but rather our personal experience.

 mom and me

Why do we foster? Because we believe that every child deserve love and a family! If we have the room and means to provide this to a child, how can we say no? Do we get attached? Is it hard, challenging, draining? Yes, yes, yes! But at the end of the day, knowing we gave an innocent child love they may not have received otherwise outweighs any sadness or difficult moments we experience.

 "I am Not afraid to grieve.  I am afraid of what will happen to these children if no one took the risk to love them"foster kids

Seeing a child relax and feel safe and a part of our family is such a reward and blessing. We truly love all the children we have fostered as if they were biological siblings. We remember their names, stories, birthdays, their time with us – and in some cases we are able to continue a relationship with them! In one case, our short term placement turned into a long term placement and then evolved into adoption! Adoption is permanent, legal placement of the child with a family. Our youngest sister Meysha has lived with us since she was only a year old and just last year was officially adopted into our family! The only thing different between foster care and adoption for us is that Meysha has the security to know that she will always be with us! We love her just as much as before.judge

"Every Christ-follower has a role in solving the foster care epidemic"

There are hundreds of thousands of children looking for foster families and adoption! Please consider speaking to your local DCYF agency about what you can do to help. If you aren’t able to foster or adopt, there are many other ways you can help! These include making donations of items children will need (many children are removed with only the clothes on their backs), supporting or joining organizations which provide mentoring or tutoring, or looking into fundraisers and other activities which support one aspect of foster care. Do you know a family that fosters? Bring them a care basket! It can include pre-made meals, basic necessities for the child, a “coupon” for babysitting should they need a break, or other items, just like you would bring a family bringing a new baby home! Every thought, action, and donation does make a donation in the lives of these innocent children and those who support them!

 "because a child can never have too many people to love them"

Adoption Day

FUN FACT:  Meysha loves cows and someday is hoping to have her own company.  Meysha's Manure will deliver quality poop to fertilize gardens.  In the meantime, she helps Rachyl's Goat Milk Soap, LLC by making the lip balm and selling at farmer's market. She always has a goal of selling 10 at each market. Can you just imagine what God has planned for her in the next 9 years when she's Rachyl's age.  

To celebrate National Foster Care Month, every online purchase will recieve a FREE lipbalm.

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The Perfect Gift For Mothers

5/10/2017 6:47 AM


Mother’s Day is Sunday May 14th! In honor of Mother’s Day, Rachyl’s Goat Milk Soap is running a special promotion for all the mothers in your life! For a limited time only (or until supplies run out!) you can purchase a Mother’s Day Gift Basket sure to make your loved one’s day.

 gift basket

Filled with a variety of Rachyl’s Goat Milk Soap all-natural products, you can express your love and gratitude with the comfort of knowing that each product is safe and beneficial when used! Be sure to order as these limited edition Mother’s Day Gift Baskets will sell out quickly!


gift basket

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