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Faith, Farm, Fish

7/19/2018 9:10 AM

Around the farm, you won't often hear a four-letter F word but today we're going to share a few of our favorites - don't worry, this post is still kid-friendly. 
First, is FAITH. While this isn't a four-letter word, it's the basis for all we do. Our parents have raised us to believe in a loving God and the power of prayer. As a result, we trust that even the small daily tasks we do have a higher purpose and we are always looking for ways to help others. We are grateful for all God has blessed us with and how He has used some really painful situations to bring us blessings (Romans 8:28). Our faith is a huge motivator for our family to be involved in foster care, as God calls us to care for the orphans. 
Next there is FARM. This one should be pretty obvious! We are a small, local, family owned and operated farm with a variety of animals all serving a unique purpose. There are many different kinds of farms; ours is primarily a dairy goat herd. Growing up on a farm has instilled many characteristics in us such as hard work, dedication, and loyalty - and also taught us some tough life lessons such as dealing with loss. We have a huge appreciation for all of God's creatures and are honored to be entrusted in caring for some of them. We take the care of our animals VERY seriously and consider them members of our family. Farming is not a hobby that you can do part time: it is a 24/7 365 grueling (but rewarding) commitment. 
Last is FISH. Our dad loves to fish! We have grown up spending summer days in Jamestown or on his boat fishing alongside him. Jaky and her family live along a small river and we have fun on hot Sundays taking the canoes and kayaks out to fish. The next generation of kids growing up are included as well and are all "water babies". After years of post-fish stink, Noah created a goat milk soap bar for cleaning up after a day of fishing that you can buy here
To celebrate our favorite F words (the only ones our mom wants to hear us use), enter code "FWORD" at checkout for a SURPRISE DISCOUNT on orders over $25 today only.*
Important: We understand that the farm life isn't for everyone and encourage anyone who is interested in learning more or considering starting their own to do their research and educate themselves. Animals are to be respected and treated well, whether they are pets or for working purposes. This is time consuming and expensive but it's the only way to be a responsible farmer. 
*Offer valid 12:01am-11:59pm 7/19/18 on online orders totaling $25.00USD before taxes or shipping. Offer has no cash value and is non-transferable and cannot be combined with other offers. Surprise discount is revealed at time of checkout. 
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Happy Birthday Dad

6/13/2018 6:07 AM

This upcoming weekend is Father's Day and we have a double reason to celebrate our dad, David, as it's also his birthday TODAY!

Our dad married our mom 29 years ago and together they have raised all 8 of us as well as countless foster children and friends who came for a night or extended visits - and some who never seem to leave. Our dad is the best! He's hardworking, a good husband, teaches us about life and God, and knows how to have fun!
One of his favorite summer pastimes, when he's able to take a break from working, is taking us out on his boat. We have so many great memories of sailing and fishing with him. He also loves to ride his motorcycle and his favorite bike partner is our mom, Lillian. 
He's the kind of dad who actually gets you the pony you asked for at Christmas, or who can build you a whole house! He's remodeled and renovated both our house and our soap factory on his own. He built an entire barn in time for Derek and Jaklyn's wedding on the farm. He's passing these skills onto our brothers who are also able to help out around the farm. 
He is also an amazing grandpa to Daisy and her soon to be baby sibling as well as Ava and Ellie. When he pulls into the farm after work, you will see the kids yelling for him and racing to be the first to give him a hug. 
For all the dads out there, happy Father's Day! In honor of you, we are offering a FREE Cold Water soap with an online purchasenow through 6/17!* If shopping at the Scituate farmer's market is more your thing, we will be offering the same special for dads this Saturday from 9am-12pm. Be sure to stop by!
*Offer valid 6/13/18 12:01am EST through 6/17/18 11:58pm EST on online orders of $30USD+ before shipping and tax. Order must include at least one product from our men's line. Offer has no cash value and is not able to be combined with any other offer.
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Happy Birthday Mom

5/30/2018 9:34 AM

This week we are celebrating our mom's birthday.  She was born to immigrant parents in Ottawa, Canada and speaks both English and Portuguese and was fluent in French as a child (she claims that English is her 3rd language when she misunderstands or pronounces things wrong). To learn more about her mom, our Vovo, read our last blog here. Fun fact: each of us has her maiden name, Medina, as our middle name. 


One of her greatest callings is being a mom. She's a bio mom to 7, adoptive mom to 1, foster mom to countless, and surrogate mom to all (humans and animals alike). She is rarely found with a child or two close by to her and makes functioning in chaos seem effortless. She's full of smiles, belly laughs, warm hugs, and wise advice. 


Our mom has been married to our dad, David, for 29 years and in love with him since they were teenagers. Together they have devoted themselves to leading godly lives and set great examples for us kids. Seeing our parents have such a long lasting and strong marriage gives us hope for our families. To learn more about their love story, read our blog here.


In her "free time", she works alongside middle daughter, Rachyl and oldest daughter, Jaklyn, at Rachyl's Goat Milk Soap. She is always in the middle of a project and is full of ideas. She doesn't take herself too seriously, which is a good thing when you're working with two daughters! 


One of her favorite products are our body butters. In honor of our wonderful mom, we are offering 25% off your entire order of $30 or more when you purchase a body butter from our online store, today through Saturday!*  Please use coupon code BELIEVE (it’s her favorite word)


Join us in wishing the world's best mom a very happy birthday on social media or at the Scituate Farmer's Market this Saturday from 9am-12pm!


*Order must total $30USD prior to taxes and shipping and include the purchase of a body butter. Cannot be combined with other offers. Valid 12:01am EST 5/30/18 to 11:59pm EST 6/3/18 only. Offer has no cash value. 

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Two Big Milestones

5/15/2018 3:23 PM

  • This week we celebrate two big milestones!
    The first is the birthday of our Vóvó (Portuguese for grandmother), Celeste Dos Santos Marques Medina. Born May 25, 1941 to a Pentecostal preacher, she immigrated from Portugal to Canada and then to the USA with her Diplomat husband. While in Portugal, she was a soap supervisor for the Lever Soap Company (you could say this runs in our blood!) and was also a seamstress and had a sewing school.  This skill has carried over to our handmade washcloths which are soft and durable (click here to buy your own). Vóvó's handiwork is also seen while scrolling through our social media profiles on granddaughter Daisy in many of her adorable and handmade dresses. Just a few years ago, Vóvó was proud to become a US citizen!  She owned a business in nearby Cumberland which sold Portuguese jewelry, clothes and homeware.  
    In addition to Vóvó's birthday, we are also celebrating our "gotcha" day for our youngest sibling, sister Meysha. Meysha entered foster care when she was just 24 days old and was placed in four homes - including joining our family when she was less then 2 years old as a temporary placement foster sister. As the years passed, she became such a intricate part of our family that we couldn't imagine being one without her! Two years ago, we were blessed to officially adopt Meysha and welcome her as a permanent member of our family!
    May is Foster Care Month and Rhode Island has an immense need for foster families: to learn more, please click here. Currently our family has two foster babies and Meysha has adjusted to being a big sister after some time of being "the baby". 
    Meysha makes our lip balms and loves working on content for our YouTube channel.  While her favorite animals are cows, she has fish and a goat named Joey. One of her favorite non-farm activities is praising and worshipping at church where she can be found in the front row. She doesn't stop at church: every night she prays before bed and loves the music of Casting Crowns. She's a great reader and chose going to Barnes & Noble for her birthday! Her favorite restaurant is Texas Roadhouse but it doesn't serve her favorite foods: lobster and sushi. 
    While she's best known locally for her red hair and spitfire spirit, she's also a true entrepreneur - and is still working on her pool fund. The other members of the family are really hoping she's successful by the time it gets hot this summer! 
    This week in honor of Vóvó and Meysha we have TWO DEALS!
    First is a FREE washcloth handmade by Vóvó with an online purchase of $35 or more now through Friday, May 25, 2018. Our soap paired with a washcloth makes a great gift; shop our selection now!*
    You can also catch Meysha at the Scituate Farmer's Market on Saturday from 9am-12pm. Mention this blog post and get a FREE lip balm handpicked by Meysha herself with any purchase!**
    *Offer valid 12:01am 5/15/18 through 11:59pm 5/25/18 on online orders of $35USD or more before tax and shipping. No coupon code needed.  Washcloth will be automatically added. Offer has no cash value, is non-transferable, and is subject to availability. Selection of washcloths is random. 
    **Offer valid 9am-12pm 5/19/18 on all orders at the Scituate Farmer's Market only; you must mention this blog post. Offer has no cash value, is non-transferable, and is subject to availability. Selection of lip balms is random. 

Kellie Bellinger
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Happy Birthday Rachyl

5/2/2018 12:10 PM

When you have seven siblings (with expanding families of their own) it feels like there's always a birthday. This week we celebrate the 16th birthday of the girl who started it all: Rachyl! 

rachyl sweet 16 
Rachyl is the middle daughter, between Jaklyn and Meysha. To learn more about how she began Rachyl's Goat Milk Soap, click here . Today, Rachyl's duties include the daily care of our goat herd, product production, and press relations. Chances are you've seen her on TV or read about her in the paper. Being a young woman owning her own business, Rachyl attracts attention - and keeps it for the all-natural and organic quality products. 
Speaking of products, Rachyl's favorite lip balm is cherry. Today only, spend $39 and get a FREE cherry lip balm!*
Rachyl's favorite part about owning her own business is the customers: she loves meeting new ones and chatting with those returning! With the nice weather coming, be on the lookout for Rachyl at local farmers' markets (more information to follow in our next blog).
Do you have a favorite memory with Rachyl? Comment with it below or tag us on social media to wish her a happy birthday!
*Offer valid 5/2/18 from 12:01am-11:59pm on all orders of $39USD or more before tax and shipping. Offer has no cash value and is non-transferable. Offer is subject to availability.
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Happy Birthday Kelub

4/23/2018 9:10 AM

This week we are celebrating the birthday of Brother #2: Kelub, our free spirited, long haired, music loving, guitar playing, hardworking hippy. 

Kelub joins dad and brother Mical working construction for their family business. When he's not working, he can be found spending time with his family, fiancée Leesa, daughter Ellie, and stepdaughter Ava. Kelub is closest to sister Jaklyn even when they fight like cats and dogs!

Speaking of dogs, Kelub's dog is a Chocolate Lab appropriately named Hershe. Together they have many adventures as chronicled on social media (have you followed us yet?). Kelub enjoys camping and summer activities such as swimming. 

Kelub helps out around the farm even though he no longer lives at home. While he's missed, having 2 parents, 8 siblings, and all our animals can make things crowded! Kelub is so laid back that not much phases him. 

In honor of Kelub's birthday, use code "CHILL" to save 10% off your order of $25 or more today only!

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Family Spotlight : JAKLYN!

4/4/2018 10:06 AM

This week on the farm we celebrate Jaky's birthday!

 Birthday Jaklyn
Jaklyn, also known as Jaky, is the second child of eight siblings and the oldest of three daughters. She's married to Derek Randall and they have a daughter, Daisy who is commonly featured on our Instagram and Facebook (if you don't yet follow us, be sure to!). 
Since she was born, Jaklyn has loved both kids and animals but not always in that order. One of her favorite childhood Christmas gifts was the year she asked her dad for a real pony - and got one!*
Jaky has always been very responsible and a baby whisperer to both humans and animals! With numerous real and foster siblings over the years, Jaky has had no end of practice before becoming a mom herself. Chances are that when you find Jaky, she's hard at work balancing being a wife, mom and business owner. 
 derek jaklyn daisy
Jaky's passion is working behind the scenes caring for our animals. She particularly enjoys assisting and overseeing births. Check out little sister Meysha in training here. Lucky for her, it's kidding season and we have many babies being born. In addition to the animals and their care, she also handles our social media accounts, email correspondence, and oversees packing and shipping. If you are reading it, Jaky wrote it!
 daisy holding ultrasound
Although today is all about Jaky, she is excited to share a gift with YOU today ONLY.  In honor of Daisy becoming a big sister, for every order of $25 or more, we will include a FREE lip balm. That's right - you can celebrate our newest baby announcement with baby-soft lips of your own!
lip balm in pocket
To get shopping, click here to view our online store. 
*Please note: we do not endorse pets as gifts. Owning and running a farm is a 24/7 commitment that we take VERY serious. Our animals are considered members of our family and we spare no resources in maintaining the highest level of individual care for them. 
Giveaway Details: orders must reach $25.00 USD prior to taxes and shipping. Orders must be placed through our website by 11:59PM EST today 4/11/18. Lip balm flavors will be randomly selected. One lip balm per order. There is no cash value associated with this giveaway. 
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Happy Easter

3/21/2018 9:56 AM

Daisy holding Easter Basket Raffle

Happy Easter! In our home, Easter holds a special meaning beyond the fun festivities of chocolate and gift baskets. For us, Easter is a joyous reminder of our Savior who rose from the grave guaranteeing us salvation and eternal life. Here on the farm, we don't get a day off, so we will start our Easter Sunday caring for our goats. Our milk machine is back in commission which saves us time collecting the pure goat milk used in our products. After morning chores, we will put on our Sunday best and head to church. After church and a family meal at farm, it's back out to the barn for night milking and chores. This year Easter falls on April 1st, but we aren't fooling around. For every $10 spent between today and Good Friday, you will be entered to win our Easter Basket Giveaway.Raffle basket For extra entries, simply follow us on Facebook, find and like this post, comment on it AND tag a friend. Enter as many times as you would like. Keep an eye out for the Live Facebook winner announcement. PS - while bunnies and chicks are cute, they require hard work! Please gift hand made products (soap is great), toys or candy, not animals. Consider donating to a local rescue to support the care of pets who lost their human families.soap instead of bunnies

Click on image or name to order You Make Me Hoppy



bunny shaped gift bag

Click on image or name to order Some Bunny Loves You


 soap, lip balm, washcloth in egg tin

 click on image or name to order EGGS-tra Special Gift Setlip balm and soap in cotton tail bag

Click on image or name to order Hoppy Easter Gift Bag

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