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3/13/2019 6:29 AM

On March 4th, Whiskey turned 6 years old or 42 in dog years! Jaky has had Whiskey since she was 8 weeks old and they are inseparable, even with the addition of dog sister Brandy, husband Derek and human siblings Daisy and Dawson, and even everyone’s favorite “Polar Bear”, Odie. 
Whiskey is an Australian Shepard or “Aussie” - a breed best known for their silky coats, blue eyes, and herding abilities. Aussies can be a difficult breed to train as they are very intelligent and require a lot of physical activity. Having land and our goat herd allows Whiskey daily exercise both physical and mental, making her one happy pup! She’s been known to come home covered in mud or even goat poop, and sometimes has wandered off on her own adventures. 
 Image may contain: outdoor
The Australian Shepard is considered a medium-size dog breed and actually originates from Western US ranches. Aussies can live 13-15 (human) years or 91-105 dog years. They are described as lean, tough, exuberant, smart, and work-oriented to name a few characteristics. Known as the “cowboys’ choice of work dog”, Aussies love to herd anything that moves. Lucky for us, our herd of goats and gaggle of kids are always kept in line by sweet Whiskey girl. 
 Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, outdoor and nature
One of Whiskey’s best tricks is hopping the baby gate during gatherings and sneaking out to be around all her human friends. True to her breed, Whiskey loves to be up close to her person. Although she is generally friendly, Whiskey is protective of her family. Frequently featured on our social media pages, Whiskey’s merle coat and striking blue eyes make for the ultimate canine photo. 
Image may contain: 1 person, dog and indoor 
Whiskey’s favorite product is our doggie soap bar.
 Image may contain: tree, outdoor and nature
Image may contain: dog
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2/27/2019 12:33 PM

About a year ago, we posted about our single-breed goat herd and why we chose Nubian goats (you can read about it here). The same fact remains true today: our herd is exclusively Nubian. 
Supporting a business which relies on milk production is much easier when our does (female goats) produce milk nearly all year. We know we can count on their high quality milk to make high quality products for you and your family! Our mom has a dream of making goat cheese and our Nubians would be perfect for this! Their milk is high in butterfat which means yummy, flavorful and creamy cheese...yum!
milking a goat
Having friendly goats is also really important to us with all the kids we have growing up on the farm! It’s important to remember that even domestic goats are unpredictable and you should always pay attention to the farmer. Many people ask us why we don’t allow visitors at the farm or have “open farm” hours. There are several reasons but one is your safety which is very important to us. While we can hop in and out of the pens and handle the goats with ease, it’s taken years of experience. 
 Image may contain: outdoor and nature
We currently have a bunch of baby goats! We breed our herd at the same time so they generally all deliver their babies within a week of each other, making for lots of false alarms, cancelled plans, and sleepless nights. It’s all worth it to have healthy kids (baby goats) and happy-to-no-longer-be-pregnant mamas. We can’t responsibly keep ALL the babies (as much as we are tempted to) so we do sell some to new homes. Finding responsible buyers is important as goats can be traced back generations and we want to do our best to make sure our lineage thrives. 
Goats require a lot of work and preparation before having one or a herd. Goats are social and need to be around a herd, in fact they are often used as “companion” animals for horses or cows. While we allow our baby goats in the house during dangerous weather conditions, goats are not made to be house pets and need outdoor space and freedom. Like any commitment, having a herd requires sacrifice. This means we never have a day off, no matter what! 
We love our Nubians! ❤️
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Happy Valentine's Day

2/13/2019 7:56 AM

This is a holiday celebrating love and we can’t think of a better way to show someone you care than with our limited edition Chocolate Covered Strawberry Goat Milk Soap. Made with REAL cocoa, this fragrant soap comes in a 3 pack: two for your love and one for you! 
Chocolate covered strawberry 
Our brother, Noah, is showing some love to the Izzy Room at Hasbro Hospital and bringing a donation of our products. We have posted about this amazing organization before (you can read about it here).
 Izzy Soap
Once Noah is home our entire family will gather for a yummy dinner followed by a handmade dessert! Our parents are celebrating their 33rd Valentine’s Day while Derek and Jaky are having their 6th, Mical and Crystal their 5th, Kelub and Leesa their 2nd, and Rachyl and Mason their 1st!
Dave and Lily
On Valentine’s Day only, for every Chocolate Covered Strawberry soap 3 pack sold, we will donate a bar of our soap to the Izzy Room! Help us reach our goal of 20 extra bars and shop now! Join us in spreading the love: give some, get some.
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Essential Oils

1/30/2019 11:52 AM

Is it possible to smell good without slathering your body in toxic, synthetic, mystery ingredients? We believe so!
babies in tub 
One of the most common questions we get is what exactly is in our products? We talked a little about that too in this blog dedicated to babies. Today we are going to focus on some benefits of using essential oils in our products.
First, we should explain what essential oils are...
Essential oils are defined as "a natural oil typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic fragrance of the plant or other source from which it is extracted". In short: essential oils are a way to give a product a pleasing smell while being a natural and safe.  Essential oils are much more expensive than fragrance and like any other ingredient, come in levels of purity. The essential oils that we use are organic from a USA-owned company.
So now we know that essential oils smell good and are safe. But did you know that they have other benefits as well?

Depending on which oil or combination of oils are used, the user can reap benefits physically, mentally, and even emotionally. One of our favorite examples is lavender for relaxation and stress-relief. We offer soap and body butter which promise to leave your skin fresh and supple with a calming atmosphere about you. Fun fact: it's also Ellie's favorite! Need some extra help calming down? Lavender also helps with anxiety and falling asleep. But lavender isn't the only calming essential oil: patchouli also makes the list. Try our That 70's soap and body butter sure to please hippies and non-hippies alike.
That 70's soap
There are endless benefits and we are proud to offer our loved customers safe and useful products using the purest ingredients we can source.

Tell us your favorite essential oil and what it's done for you!

A word of caution: essential oils need to be thoroughly researched prior to use. Like any substance, they can cause an allergic or adverse reaction in some people and should be applied to a small test area of skin first. Never apply an essential oil directly to your skin - it has to be diluted in a "carrier" first. Some essential oils are not safe for children, pets, or pregnant/nursing mamas. Check with your medical provider if you have any questions!
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Eleanore Rose Travis

1/19/2019 6:57 AM

Eleanor Roosevelt Travis, affectionately known as “Ellie” (or “my baby” to Daisy), is a year old today! She’s the daughter of Kelub and his wife, Leesa, and baby sister to Ava. In the past year, Ellie has proved to be a true Travis and overcome many obstacles. 
newborn ellie 
Born premature, she weighed just 5lb 6oz and was 17” long. For awhile, she wore literal doll clothes! Now, she fits in 12 month clothing and is considered average size. For the first two months of her life, she was bottle fed before mastering breastfeeding and making it to a year! Another big change has been her speech. Originally, she was fluent in baby babble however now she can say mama, dada, baba (bottle), dog (I wonder why), and kitkat (the animal, not the candy). Image may contain: 1 person
Some of her favorite things in the world include playing peek-a-boo, pig piles, pulling her sister’s hair (like a true younger sibling), Sesame Street, her dolly, and her ride-on horse. 
Image may contain: one or more people
Her mommy says her favorite product is our lavender soap which is great for it’s calming attributes. Shop our Field of Dreams soap and body butter to see for yourself!
We love you, Ellie! Happy first birthday
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Gentle | Pure | Natural

1/2/2019 10:53 AM

This year we celebrated Christmas with several new babies! Kelub’s daughter Ellie, Jaky’s son Dawson, and our foster babies Grayson and RJ - in addition to the other littles: Ava, Daisy, and Rosey. We love all the children in our family and want the best for them. 
baby bath
This is why we want to talk about our product ingredients with you. There are so many brands which market to families and claim to have pure, natural, or organic ingredients that are safer for your little love. 

First - what do some of those terms even mean?
• Pure - marketing term, there are no regulations or guidelines 
• Natural or All-Natural - this term generally simply means that the ingredients can be found in a natural state
• Fragrance Free - there is no added fragrance (natural, organic or synthetic) to the product
• Unscented - this means that the product doesn’t have a noticeable smell but that can be because it is masked by ingredients which remove the scent
• Tear Free - contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t mean that the product is safe for baby’s eyes! It actually means that a numbing ingredient has been used which makes baby’s eyes not tear up if contact is made

As you can see by the brief descriptions above, many companies will slap these buzzwords on their labels and not have much or any difference from products which don’t. So how do our products compare to the leading “baby-safe” brands?

All our products are handmade in small batches - we believe in quality over quantity. We personally order all of our ingredients and strive to support local, small businesses when possible. We use these products on our kids as well! Let’s take a look at some of our top sellers:
unscented soap
Plain Ole Bar
We suggest that you use this soap all over baby’s body. You can also let the bar rest in warm bath water to create a safe soak for them (although your bar won’t last as long this way). 
Raw Goat’s Milk, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Soybean Oil, Sodium Hydroxide*

*This ingredient is necessary to turn the fats and oils into soap. 
shampoo bar 
Goat Milk Shampoo Bar
We recommend this product for baby’s hair. We NEVER add numbing agents to our products so baby’s eyes may become irritated if the shampoo bar makes contact. If this happens, gently rinse with clean water. 

Ingredients: Organic Olive Oil, Goat Milk, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Soybean Oil, Sodium Hydroxide*, Organic Essential Oils**
*This ingredient is necessary to turn the fats and oils into soap. 
**Because some people have sensitivity to essential oils, we encourage you to speak to your pediatrician regarding your child’s medical history and testing a small amount on their arm first.  
unscented lotion
Plain Ole Body Butter
After a warm bath, massage our thick and creamy body butter onto baby’s skin (avoid the diaper area, this is not a rash cream). Quick to absorb, our body butter will leave baby feeling extra plump and huggable. 
Ingredients: Goat Milk, Distilled Water, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Emulsifying Wax NF*, Stearic Acid**, Avocado Oil, Optiphen***
*Used to make the ingredients into lotion; NF means that it conforms to the specifications of the National Formulary. 
**Derived from vegetables, this ingredient is used to thicken our body butter to the creamy consistency you have come to know and love. 
***Because our products are made using goat milk, we add a small amount of preservative to keep the body butter from spoiling.
flavor free lip butter
All Natural Lip Butter
We recommend this product for baby’s dry or chapped lips and cheeks - it’s also great for treating that pesky drool rash. Moisturizing and soothing when applied, this lip butter quickly absorbs and doesn’t leave behind a greasy film. 

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter
As you can see, our ingredient lists are short and easy to pronounce. In contrast, below is the ingredient list for a leading “baby-safe” 99.9% natural and tear-free all-in-one shampoo and body wash (to compare to our Shampoo Bar and Soap): water, decyl glucoside, coco-betaine, lauryl glucoside, sucroselaurate, glycerin, fragrance (natural fragrance), betaine, sodium cocoyl hydrolyzed soy protein,coco-glucoside, xanthan gum, glucose,glyceryl oleate, sodium chloride, citric acid, potassium iodide, potassium thiocyanate, tocopherol, glucose oxidase, lactoperoxidase, hydrogenated palm glycerides citrate, lecithin, ascorbyl palmitate, limonene. We have one word: YIKES! 
newborn feet 
Our goal is to Make Natural The New Normal (TM) and what better way to start than to give your baby the best? That’s why we are offering 25% off each of the products listed above when you spend $25 or more online today through the end of the week!* Simply enter code “BABYSAFE” when checking out. 
*Discount valid on online orders of $25USD or more excluding tax and shipping. Offer not valid when combined with other discounts. Offer valid 12:01am EST 01/01/2019 through 11:59pm EST 01/06/2019. Offer has no cash value. 
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Christmas Tradition

12/5/2018 1:56 PM

cute family photo
As the holidays pass by quickly, we like to take a moment and keep an old family tradition in the midst of Thanksgiving and Christmas. 
Starting way back in 1986, our mom began to send Christmas greetings to our friends and family. Since then, and with the addition of 8 kids (plus fosters, spouses, and grandkids), this family tradition has evolved...
Each year we gather to take a group family picture and our mom sends out a newsletter (which began around 1998) catching everyone up on our year. This was before social media so other than landlines and visits, no one knew what we were up to as a family! There is something special about documenting our highs and lows and sharing with those we love, even if they follow us online. In the very beginning, our family didn’t own a computer so my mom would use a typewriter and photocopier!
Check out some of our family pictures and even an old newsletter our mom found! What tradition does your family keep?
family photo
vitntage newsletter
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Thanksgiving 2018

11/15/2018 8:48 PM

2017 family pixWe are excited to celebrate Thanksgiving in just a few days! This year we are excited to be celebrating for the second time with our foster sibling pair, Rosie and RJ, as well as for the first time with foster baby Grayson, and newest grandchildren, Eleanore and Dawson. 
While the farm never closes, we take it easy on Thanksgiving. After caring for our animals, we will all head inside for a giant family dinner. Our mom spends hours preparing a delicious meal made from ingredients we either grew ourselves or that were locally grown. Our turkey is always a farm fresh bird (some years we have even raised and processed our own). A fun tradition is everyone bringing their signature dish to share. 
We take time to remember some of what we have to be thankful for, such as our health, our business, our farm, and of course our friends and family - and we can’t forget our customers! Without you, our dream becoming reality wouldn’t be possible. We are grateful not just on Thanksgiving but every day that God has blessed us in so many ways. 
Starting today and throughtout the weekend, we would love to say “thank you” to you by offering 25% off our entire online store by using code “THANKFUL” at check out!*
How are you celebrating Thanksgiving this year? Comment below or tag us on social media!
*Offer valid 11/16/18 12:01am through 11/19/18 11:59pm EST on online order prior to taxes and shipping. Offer not applicable when combined with any other offer or sale. Offer has no cash value. 
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