On March 4th, Whiskey turned 6 years old or 42 in dog years! Jaky has had Whiskey since she was 8 weeks old and they are inseparable, even with the addition of dog sister Brandy, husband Derek and human siblings Daisy and Dawson, and even everyone’s favorite “Polar Bear”, Odie. 
Whiskey is an Australian Shepard or “Aussie” - a breed best known for their silky coats, blue eyes, and herding abilities. Aussies can be a difficult breed to train as they are very intelligent and require a lot of physical activity. Having land and our goat herd allows Whiskey daily exercise both physical and mental, making her one happy pup! She’s been known to come home covered in mud or even goat poop, and sometimes has wandered off on her own adventures. 
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The Australian Shepard is considered a medium-size dog breed and actually originates from Western US ranches. Aussies can live 13-15 (human) years or 91-105 dog years. They are described as lean, tough, exuberant, smart, and work-oriented to name a few characteristics. Known as the “cowboys’ choice of work dog”, Aussies love to herd anything that moves. Lucky for us, our herd of goats and gaggle of kids are always kept in line by sweet Whiskey girl. 
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One of Whiskey’s best tricks is hopping the baby gate during gatherings and sneaking out to be around all her human friends. True to her breed, Whiskey loves to be up close to her person. Although she is generally friendly, Whiskey is protective of her family. Frequently featured on our social media pages, Whiskey’s merle coat and striking blue eyes make for the ultimate canine photo. 
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Whiskey’s favorite product is our doggie soap bar.
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