Around the farm, you won't often hear a four-letter F word but today we're going to share a few of our favorites - don't worry, this post is still kid-friendly. 
First, is FAITH. While this isn't a four-letter word, it's the basis for all we do. Our parents have raised us to believe in a loving God and the power of prayer. As a result, we trust that even the small daily tasks we do have a higher purpose and we are always looking for ways to help others. We are grateful for all God has blessed us with and how He has used some really painful situations to bring us blessings (Romans 8:28). Our faith is a huge motivator for our family to be involved in foster care, as God calls us to care for the orphans. 
Next there is FARM. This one should be pretty obvious! We are a small, local, family owned and operated farm with a variety of animals all serving a unique purpose. There are many different kinds of farms; ours is primarily a dairy goat herd. Growing up on a farm has instilled many characteristics in us such as hard work, dedication, and loyalty - and also taught us some tough life lessons such as dealing with loss. We have a huge appreciation for all of God's creatures and are honored to be entrusted in caring for some of them. We take the care of our animals VERY seriously and consider them members of our family. Farming is not a hobby that you can do part time: it is a 24/7 365 grueling (but rewarding) commitment. 
Last is FISH. Our dad loves to fish! We have grown up spending summer days in Jamestown or on his boat fishing alongside him. Jaky and her family live along a small river and we have fun on hot Sundays taking the canoes and kayaks out to fish. The next generation of kids growing up are included as well and are all "water babies". After years of post-fish stink, Noah created a goat milk soap bar for cleaning up after a day of fishing that you can buy here
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Important: We understand that the farm life isn't for everyone and encourage anyone who is interested in learning more or considering starting their own to do their research and educate themselves. Animals are to be respected and treated well, whether they are pets or for working purposes. This is time consuming and expensive but it's the only way to be a responsible farmer. 
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