Travis Family Farm

“What’s One More?”

It's been weeks since we got a decent amount of goat milk. We dried up our goats a few months ago to get them ready for breeding season.  Their milk is our main ingredient in our soaps and our freezers were running low so, we decided we needed to get a goat in milk soon. Then we found Heidi.

 Heidi is an Alpine goat that lived in Vermont. Alpine goats are similar to Nubian goats in many ways. They're both dairy goats but Alpines usually produce more milk. Nubian goats produce about 1 gallon a day so you can imagine how much an Alpine produces, although Nubians have better tasting milk.

 We took a road trip up to Vermont to pick up Heidi. Usually if it's warm outside, we will put the goats in a crate in the back of the truck.  In the winter months, the goats travel inside the truck with us. The 5 hour ride back was filled with beautiful scenery and a lot of rest stops to insure that there were no accidents in the back seat.

 When we got home that night, it was our first time milking Heidi. She was a great milker and gives us the milk we will need to make our products till the rest of the herd contributes. The next morning, we let her out with the rest of the herd and, they all got along great. We believe that she is going to work out great.

Rachyl Travis 

Next Month (January, 2016), half of our online proceeds of Rachyl’s Goat Milk Soap will be donated.

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