We’ve recently hatched out 20 baby chicks. We hatched out two different kinds of chicks; Black Copper Maran chicks and Ameraucana chicks. We hatched 14 Ameraucana chicks hatch and only 6 Black Copper Maran chicks. Ameraucana chickens lay green/blue eggs, while Black Copper Marans lay dark brown eggs. Black Copper Marans are a rare breed of chickens; this is because they are very difficult to hatch. Normal chicken eggs (like Ameraucanas) when incubating are supposed to be at 45% humidity for the first 18 days and then 65% for the last 3 days. Black Copper Maran eggs need to be at 25% humidity for the first 18 days and 55% humidity for the last 3 days, this is because Black Copper Maran chicks develop faster than regular chicks. If you have the humidity too high for them they will be too big and not strong enough to break out of their eggs. It is also very hard to keep them alive after they hatch. We are now currently setting up our incubator for Olive Egger eggs. Olive Eggers are made when you breed an Ameraucana chicken to a Black Copper Maran chicken. Their eggs can span from a very light green to a very dark green depending on how dark your maran eggs are. Olive Eggers are even more rare and harder to hatch than Black Copper Marans. Check back in 21 days to see how the Olive Eggers hatched!