This week we celebrate the very oldest Travis child (and brother) of the family: Mical.
Mical started our clan of siblings and has certainly given our parents a run for their money! A God-loving, motorcycle riding, hardworking, nearly married, country man who can be found testing limits (and our mom’s sanity) or playing with the little kids, Mical is the brother you either wish you had or wish you didn’t have, depending on the day. He’s loud, funny, and the first to help out anyone from family to friends to strangers. 
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Mical is set to marry his longtime girlfriend Crystal and they plan to move up north off the grid with their dog, Xena. There he will continue to operate Travis Family Construction, the business he owns with our dad. Crystal is onboard for 6 little Micals in the future (in response, we are already praying for her...). 
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Mical was the brother who was the first to start trouble and more often than not, the one in it. He’s always down for a good time and loves adventure, adrenaline, and danger.  While he can tease or prank us, he is also very protect of anyone else who tries to. 
While he doesn’t help with the animals or products, he does repair and build various structures around the farm. When we tragically lost our nursing barn, Mical was part of the crew who spent a weekend completely rebuilding it to surprise us. 
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We are celebrating Mical’s day of birth (which to our very Portuguese grandparents is also the most precious birthday of the year) by offering you 15% off all products when you use code BESTBRO at checkout!*
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