cute family photo
As the holidays pass by quickly, we like to take a moment and keep an old family tradition in the midst of Thanksgiving and Christmas. 
Starting way back in 1986, our mom began to send Christmas greetings to our friends and family. Since then, and with the addition of 8 kids (plus fosters, spouses, and grandkids), this family tradition has evolved...
Each year we gather to take a group family picture and our mom sends out a newsletter (which began around 1998) catching everyone up on our year. This was before social media so other than landlines and visits, no one knew what we were up to as a family! There is something special about documenting our highs and lows and sharing with those we love, even if they follow us online. In the very beginning, our family didn’t own a computer so my mom would use a typewriter and photocopier!
Check out some of our family pictures and even an old newsletter our mom found! What tradition does your family keep?
family photo
vitntage newsletter