Eleanor Roosevelt Travis, affectionately known as “Ellie” (or “my baby” to Daisy), is a year old today! She’s the daughter of Kelub and his wife, Leesa, and baby sister to Ava. In the past year, Ellie has proved to be a true Travis and overcome many obstacles. 
newborn ellie 
Born premature, she weighed just 5lb 6oz and was 17” long. For awhile, she wore literal doll clothes! Now, she fits in 12 month clothing and is considered average size. For the first two months of her life, she was bottle fed before mastering breastfeeding and making it to a year! Another big change has been her speech. Originally, she was fluent in baby babble however now she can say mama, dada, baba (bottle), dog (I wonder why), and kitkat (the animal, not the candy). Image may contain: 1 person
Some of her favorite things in the world include playing peek-a-boo, pig piles, pulling her sister’s hair (like a true younger sibling), Sesame Street, her dolly, and her ride-on horse. 
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Her mommy says her favorite product is our lavender soap which is great for it’s calming attributes. Shop our Field of Dreams soap and body butter to see for yourself!
We love you, Ellie! Happy first birthday